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Inspiration and Fun

15+ Hilarious Facts About Graphic Designers You Should Know.

  • 26 April 2016
Graphic design diagram


Every working day for graphic designer is like a roller coaster ride with its highs, lows and unbridled panic. Themeshunters combine an awesome set of pics and gifts that are related to every graphic designer's life. See them below and have fun!


1. Designer can’t leave the screen alone

in love with iphone


2. Designers are open for any questions and suggestions

friendly designers


3. Photoshop crashing when designer is 30 layers deep

when photoshop betrayed you


4. They have really big problems

designer big problem


5. Life is hard

say no to comic sans


6. Your deadlines can make them cry



7. Their reaction when client doesn’t like the font they choose

their fonts are brilliant


8. They become stressed when they have to work with outdated browsers

outdated browsers hurt them


9. Designers work 24/7, so they are always sleepy

who's sleepy?


10. The designer’s mind has a unique structure



11. They try to search something better than Helvetica..[some hours later]..Helvetica it is!

Helvetica forever


12. The reality of life

graphic design reality


13. They admire your new set of changes

do not make them nervous


14. They will get this joke



15. Their bloodcurdling horror looks like this

typography can be painful


16. They feel when the Adobe updates are terrible

you should fight with evil not join

That wraps up our list of the 15+ Hilarious Facts About Graphic Designers You Should Know. Would you like other themes to be featured here? In that case, send us your comments — we’d love to hear from you!

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