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Design Quality By Leahbdx, 2017-06-24 via
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North – Responsive WooCommerce Theme Version 4 is out!

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Update 4.0.0 – 04.10.2017

This is a brand new update and changes nearly ALL files. Most of the VC Elements have been changed and tons of new ones are added. The theme is absolutely faster and better performing! If you are planning to update to version 4.0.0, you will need to update your Visual Composer, and make a full update of theme files.

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  • Design Quality By Leahbdx, 2017-06-24 via
  • Bugs By atypisch, 2017-06-15 via The theme looks great in first instance but is not properly tested in browsers or touchscreen and mobile devices unfortunately. It does not work right in the Safari browser; and the header and several navigation items are missing in both style 1 and 2.
    Also, more importantly, the navigation is not working on TouchScreen devices (Mobile and Tablet). This is an issue that needs to be fixed asap.
    Author response
    Hi there, have you opened any tickets for these issues?
  • Code Quality By uzairfreak, 2017-04-27 via The code quality is pathetic. Each update introduces new issues. I have bought this theme 2nd time on the request of developer and still facing the issues.
    My recommendation is not to buy this theme if you are not a technical person. And support is also slow. Overall unsatisfied.
    Author response
    Hi there, I am sorry you feel this way, please let us know what we can improve so we can make changes to our process.
  • Customer Support By rjbaptiste612, 2017-04-23 via
  • Flexibility By freeman1989, 2017-04-19 via An exceptional theme, strong structural quality and the ability to create anything your imagination can dream of! This theme literally changed my life, my future and my online business! Team that up with world class support through their separate site and and you get something very special! Thank you FuelThemes!
  • Design Quality By calivirek, 2017-04-12 via I really like the theme, however I hope that they will update the theme soon for WooCommerce 3.0.0
    Author response
    Hi clivirek, the theme has already been updated for WooCommer 3.0 :)
  • Design Quality By uzairfreak, 2017-04-10 via Theme design is really amazing. But documentation, code quality and support quality is really poor. You have to contact the team again and again for stupid reasons which can be avoided if they provide better documentation and support. Secondly theme has a lot of bugs for example you cannot import demo content and also all features not work.
    Hope they change this soon. Or else this is just a painful transition. Don't recommended for users who don't have technical much background.
    Author response
    Hi there, could you share your ticket IDs, so that I can check them for quality control purposes.
  • Other By AdamThomsonNZ, 2017-03-25 via This theme has come a long way since it began. I wouldn't have recommended it back then, but I've come to respect and recommend it. Thanks, fuelthemes.
  • Flexibility By JosiahKirton, 2017-02-21 via
  • Design Quality By rhbsolutions, 2017-02-19 via Really sweet theme the first one i buy and it was really worth it i love the layouts that comes with its a shame that visual composer that comes with this theme is only limited or else it would be a perfect bundle!!!
  • Other By Blackandnice, 2017-02-18 via Great Great Wordpress Theme! and great support!
    Thanks guys for such a great theme :-)
  • Customer Support By marble1998, 2017-02-13 via This is the best theme i have ever buyed with a great support! They help me in a very short time everytime i asked. Dont hesitate to buy this if you like the design. Thanks!!

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