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Puzzles | WordPress Magazine/Review with WooC

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Design Quality By iamjakky, 2017-07-03 via
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CURRENT VERSION 4.1 (see Change log at the bottom of this page)

How our customers customize Puzzles

Off Gamers
Hog Blog
Gamers Heroes
Web Radio
Lanterna Vermelha
TV News
Hotel en Murcia

What Customers Say:

Buy with confidence. This theme is top quality. Find an issue? Worry not, because the support that this team provides is amazing! I would definitely recommend this theme for your next project or any other theme from ThemeREX for that matter. Thanks Irvin!

Also for people looking at this theme – It is fantastic. Really the level of detail is brilliant. I bought another theme from here that cost more for another project and found it to be not worth the hassle. I was therefore skeptical of buying another theme in case it was a waste of money. I took the gamble with this one and am really really impressed. Its much easier to use and the guys at ThemeRex appear to be supporting it well too constantly working out the little bugs and adding little features. Top job!

Awesome, thanks for looking out for us ThemeREX. Money well spent.

Arnfinn Nilsen
I’m preparing to change the theme on my photography/blog site to Puzzles. It’s the most appealing, creative and well thought out themes I have found on ThemeForest. I really like it’s responsiveness through all devices. Well done

Best purchase i made in envato. Great Theme!

Great theme & fast Support. THANKS for this great & free support you provide. So many features I missed and asked for are now included in the latest Updates. Great Job!

Change log

12.07.2016 Version 4.1 – Update

- Google 'Browser API Key' support is added

01.09.2015 Version 4.0 – Update

-  Compatibility with WP 4.3 is improved -  Googlemap marker's description is added -  Check for RTL is fixed -  The files were changed: functions.php; includes/shortcodes.php; js/googlemap_init.js; widgets/*

30.07.2015 Version 3.9 – Update

- Post sorting by views is fixed

09.07.2015 Version 3.8 – Update

- Pretty Photo is updated to its latest version 3.1.6 - Files were changed:  jquery.prettyPhoto.js, jquery.prettyPhoto.min.js

01.04.2015 Version 3.7 – Update

- Added: Links in the shortcode Slider (0 - no link, 1 - to attachment image, 2 - to the post) - Load more' functionality improved - And some minor fixes

28.07.2014 Version 3.6.1 – Update

- Fixed: description output in the main slider    Files was changed: style.css css/responsive.css

23.07.2014 Version 3.6 – Update

- Added: RTL version - Added: Support of Instagram Widget - Fixed: Put out of the post slider with informational block

05.06.2014 Version 3.5 – Update

- Output of datePublished field in Google snippets is fixed - Logics of display of gallery on puzzles is changed: if a post has a featured image, picture is displayed, otherwise - the gallery is - Mobile menu's behavior is fixed: now it's scrolled properly - Product sorting, for correct work with new version of WooCommerce is fixed - A bug with the list of review criteria when disabling author's review is fixed

10.02.2014 Version 3.4 – Update

- Fullwidth page display style is added - Display style setting for each category (post/page) individually has been added - Changes for enhancing security in po_composer have been made - The bug in the script of calculation of social share for delicious is fixed

02.02.2014 Version 3.3 – Update

- Support of Google Rich Snippets is added - "PO Composer" is added: forget the agony with the translation update ;) - Strings for translation when putting out the date difference are fixed. Now it's a lot easier to translate these phrases into other languages - We have fixed the display of huge pics with caption: now they fit into an article's body correctly - Reviews section on the single page is now overlapped by text that flows around it - It wasn't possible for visitors to rate, when switching the customizer off and switching the "100%" review mode on. Now fixed - Functioning of the shortcode [blogger] when listing id's of posts or pages is now fixed - Rating algorithm for users is fixed

23.12.2013 Version 3.2 – Update

- Now images in the blog excerpt & fullpost are the links to the posts - Social links in widget Social are opening in a new window - In the posts of the type Link, the first link inside the post is being checked for the parameter "target"; if post contains it – the parameter is being added to the result link - Parameter "rel" is added into the shortcode [button], so that the button url can open in the pop-up window "prettyPhoto"  - Now in the shortcodes [blogger] and [slider] when specifying  several categories via comma, it is possible to select posts not only from these categories, but also from the inserted ones - The bug that prevented from  the display of the streampage in BuddyPress 1.9 is fixed - Display of names of the months is fixed in the shortcode [blogger] for non-english websites

15.12.2013 Version 3.1 – Update

- Processing of the parameter descr='0' in the shortcode [blogger] with the style 'puzzles' is fixed – now the description is not put out if the parameter's value is 0 - Images in the shortcode [blogger] now are the links to the corresponding posts - Support of the page templates for BuddyPress and bbPress is added, with individual settings for each of them - Theme Options now contains the field for specification of random CSS code used after the basic style.css for it's correction - The bug with the shortcode [title] (in styles "bubble_down" and "bubble_right") is fixed – now the bubble image displays correctly

10.12.2013 Version 3.1 – Update

- Processing of the parameter descr='0' in the shortcode [blogger] with the style 'puzzles' is fixed – now the description is not put out if the parameter's value is 0 - Images in the shortcode [blogger] now are the links to the corresponding posts - Support of the page templates for BuddyPress and bbPress is added, with individual settings for each of them - Theme Options now contains the field for specification of random CSS code used after the basic style.css for it's correction - The bug with the shortcode [title] (in styles "bubble_down" and "bubble_right") is fixed – now the bubble image displays correctly

04.12.2013 Version 3.0 – Update

- BuddyPress compatibility is added - bbPress compatibility is added - Buttons for sharing in socal networks are added. - Font selection for logo is added - Display images as slideshow in the pop-up window 'PrettyPhoto' for standard WordPress gallery is added - An option to switch the rating's display in the shortcode [blogger] on/off - Multiple categories support in the shortcodes 'blogger' and 'slider' is added

24.11.2013 Version 2.1 – Update

- We have added three rating systems for review posts: up to 5 stars, up to 10 stars and 0-100% - We have added an option to select sorting criteria for blog posts, as well as for posts in each category individually - Positioning of drop-down menus is added (so that they do not exceed the borders of window)

19.11.2013 Version 2.0.1 – Update

- The bug with video iframe width is fixed. Files was changed: style.css

18.11.2013 Version 2.0 – Update

- New methods of sorting posts in the shortcode [blogger] have been added - WooCommerce Ready!  - Side menu has been added - New widget "ThemeREX - Twitter" (with support new Twitter API 1.1) has been added - Translation of names of the month (when putting out dates) has been added - New style for puzzles-style blocks has been added - Settings of the category puts out not from the first in alphabet but from the current one - In Theme Options we have added the setting of the type of visitors who can vote in review - Size of the images used in "Theme options" and "Theme Customizer" is optimized - The setting to indicate length of description in the style "Blog Excerpt" has been added - Setting to switch new update alerts in dashboard off has been added  - Processing of the shortcode [audio media_url] and [video media_url] has been added - Support of map styles in the shortcode [googlemap] has been added - An option of image selection has been added into the widget "Logo and social links"  - Attachment page template has been added - Theme Customizer now contains fields for selection of the current theme for main body of the website and each of sidebars - Google map is added into the website's title  - The bug when putting out the 'age' of post is fixed  - The bug with indication of number of "Related posts" is fixed - The bug related to the use of shortcode [blogger] inside the posts is fixed

17.10.2013 Version 1.5 – Update

- Bug with "Post preview" is fixed - Bug with visitors’ reviews is fixed - Work of the MenuSlider script for multilevel menu support is fixed - An option to manage height of the menu in Theme Options is added - An option to settle text on the slider in case of hover-effect is added - Statement "Show reviews block" on single page is changed and work algorithm is slightly fixed - All functions in ‘functions.php’ are ready to use in the child-theme

12.10.2013 Version 1.4.1 – Update

- Change of size of iframe with video and ad blocks is fixed

11.10.2013 Version 1.4 – Update

- Display of related posts is fixed (shortcodes have been removed from descriptioni) - Now you can disable review ratings display for each post individually, not only for all post at once - Publication date display in case of non-standard date format setting is fixed - Ad blocks display in widgets is fixed - When clicking on image in gallery on the blog stream and home-  pages you will be redirected on the post. Also, when doing that in the single post - the image becomes large. - In the theme settings you can set the display type 'Responsive menu' instead of 'Main menu'

07.10.2013 Version 1.3 – Update

- Menu display in IE9+ is fixed - Scripts' functioning in IE9+ is optimized - The slider's work is improved - Lines for translation are added - New theme release notification in Wordpress Dashboard is added - An option to choose the number of 'Related Posts' on the post page is added

03.10.2013 Version 1.2 – Update

- Ways of sorting posts for slider are added - An option to switch the rating of author (or visitors) off is added - Two color schemes are added (Red and White\Red)

02.10.2013 Version 1.1 – Update

- Homepage “with Slider” style is added (you can allow slider on any page/post) - Optional advertisement block in the page’s header is added - Selection of registration status (reader/author) and function of notification of the site’s admin are added - Login & Register popups are moved to the left (inside the body of the page) - The error occuring when editing categories in ‘Quick edit’ mode is fixed

27.09.2013 Version 1.0 – Release

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  • Design Quality By iamjakky, 2017-07-03 via
  • By yasser1234, 2016-07-26 via
  • Flexibility By Slackline974, 2016-07-11 via After 2 years using this theme, I can affirm it's a really good theme!
    Really easy to customise without coding or with coding!
    Working like a charm with polylang (.po files) and Justified Image Grid.
    A clean code also, very fast to load.
    Thanks ThemeREX, I would like some other things, but I think I can learn more code and do it :)
    I started in wordpress with it, and I will still use it for my website.
  • By fibm, 2016-07-11 via

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