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Twenty Ten

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good By hyper_pixel, 2017-03-03 via


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The 2010 theme for WordPress is stylish, customizable, simple, and readable -- make it yours with a custom menu, header image, and background. Twenty Ten supports six widgetized areas (two in the sidebar, four in the footer) and featured images (thumbnails for gallery posts and custom header images for posts and pages). It includes stylesheets for print and the admin Visual Editor, special styles for posts in the "Asides" and "Gallery" categories, and has an optional one-column page template that removes the sidebar.
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based on 47 ratings

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  • good By hyper_pixel, 2017-03-03 via


  • Ligero y sencillo By mozarttt, 2017-01-31 via

    Es un theme que funciona muy bien, es rápido y es muy bueno para el SEO. Yo lo he utilizado en varios proyectos como en y estoy muy contento. Lo recomendaría.

  • Gran tema By ramallogg, 2016-08-25 via

    A pesar de los años que tiene y de las nuevas versiones, sigo utilizando este tema. Muy bueno y sencillo.

  • Golden Oldie By raymondpeil, 2016-05-25 via

    Started my first website 6 years ago with 2010.
    My new website also uses 2010.
    Very flexible mallable anything goes easy to use for all purposes.
    Big hand for the WordPress crew ! ;=)

  • A Classic By Dion Hulse, 2016-04-25 via

    A Classic theme which so many different WordPress themes have been based upon.
    Although becoming a little dated, it can still be the basis for many modern designs without needing to write a line of HTML or PHP.

  • Adding a URL to Post in ThemeTwenty Ten adds an underline. By brownre, 2015-11-11 via

    When I run the “” with THEME Twenty Ten the Post text is underlined, to the associated text.

    If I replace the THEME with Rembrandt, the Post text is not underlined.

    Both THEMES Twenty Ten and Rembrandt are available within the URL

    My objective is for the Post text not to be underlined.

    Regards Ray

  • Very Best By Gsite, 2015-08-25 via

    This is without doubt the Best theme
    Simple but effective and so easy to alter to personalise by adding your own header banner

    I used this theme for so many years I can’t remeber, but would never update & change to any other

  • Very Easy to Work By Cuponeshost, 2015-07-12 via

    When I start my project( I star with this theme. It is a basic but perfect theme to start with. Very recommended theme!

  • Very easy to work with By AmRes, 2015-04-25 via

    Twenty Ten was the first theme I ever used with WordPress. I still use it as my preferred theme on all new projects. I’ve tried some of the newer themes, but they’re just not as clean and friendly to the user or developer.

    Being more responsive would be a nice addition, as would more access to colors without having to create my own CSS. But the layout works great.

    My biggest complaint with most of the themes is the ridiculous requirement for such large images for things such as the header. Now that search engines are starting to penalize non-mobile-friendly sites, it’s time to get away from 1000-pixel image widths.

  • Please make Twenty Ten responsive! By peteranne, 2015-04-25 via

    Five years on, we are still running Twenty Ten since none of the later Twenty+ themes felt as good for our site And so are lots of other people, judging by the reviews. PLEASE can you make Twenty Ten responsive so that it can adapt to mobiles, thanks Peter & Anne

  • Needs to be re-coded By Jay, 2015-04-25 via

    Was a good theme at one time, but Twenty Ten needs a reboot. Would be good to incorporate that other user’s responsiveness or should I say Fluid Layout without plugin, and add ability to customize a logo. Using a plugin to customize is only part of the problem, you will still need to install floating menu button for tablets to break at 800px, and the Jetpack mobile theme.

    You could make it fluid and force secondary widget area on the right side like this traditional wp layout…


    Although there is a secondary widget area it just extends under the primary widget area. Not the expected results. However, I do like this theme because it’s easy to read and hope it gets updated. If fluid you could go wider to maybe 1200 or a safe one would be 1024px.

  • Hello Dolly By challenger27, 2015-02-25 via

    This version was the first with which I ad the pleasure to work and it is still my favorite due to the familiarity and friendliness. I know my way around here. So many alterations are possible that no one can tell the same basic site has been utilized. I love Dolly.

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