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Twenty Twelve

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Simple By jhango, 2016-12-15 via

I love the simplicity.

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Description by Author

The 2012 theme for WordPress is a fully responsive theme that looks great on any device. Features include a front page template with its own widgets, an optional display font, styling for post formats on both index and single views, and an optional no-sidebar page template. Make it yours with a custom menu, header image, and background.
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based on 165 ratings

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  • very good wow…. By rahimimilad71, 2014-07-12 via

    I am very happy with that theme: simple, clean and easy to use.

    I started using it at |||

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  • love this review! By tarot sin gabinete, 2014-06-25 via

    I use it in a lot of websites, love it!

  • Estupenda By blog Sara Carbonero, 2014-06-12 via

    Yo la he usado desde siempre en mi blog paula echevarria

  • simple, elegant, Nice theme By HafizhPreneur, 2014-06-12 via

    The theme is simple, elegant and I like it. I would like to use the theme of my project website [Site link removed]

  • Es muy simple y sencillo, pero con limitaciones By juegosps4baratos, 2014-06-12 via

    Es un tema sencillo que he utilizado para crear blogs donde he ido poniendo entradas y demás. Si quieres salirte de esa tónica, por ejemplo para mostrar productos con sus reviews online, ya no resulta tan útil. Yo lo empecé usando en la web [Link removed] pero al final me decanté por otro tema porque vi que tenía limitaciones.

  • Love this theme By alexanderklaine, 2014-05-25 via

    Great service from developers. Love this theme. You can do a lot of customization graphically with this theme

  • Fully Compatible Theme With Browsers and devices By responsivethemestube, 2014-05-25 via

    Hello friends This theme is awesome , i am also using in my website , this theme is compatible with all short codes and plugins.

    Thanks to maker of twenty ten theme ..

    Download more free themes from here..
    [link removed – please don’t post reviews just to spam the forum]

  • Nice theme By misterunknown, 2014-05-25 via

    Nice theme. I used it for many homepages. It’s simple to hack and customize.

  • Not enough responsive By Boite Mails, 2014-05-12 via

    For large computer screen, you cannot see your blog in full page..
    Too bad..

  • Simple and great! By Julie Henriksen, 2014-03-25 via

    I have been using this theme for Kjokkenutstyr for soon to be 2 years now, and is very happy with it. I find it very manageble, and easy on the eye.

  • Elegant and simple By joangg, 2014-03-25 via

    I love it! Really minimalistic, elegant…

  • Ok if clean install, not if changing themes By seowizard, 2014-03-25 via

    Twenty twelve v1.2
    I have a self hosted WP blog with my own custom theme. I wanted a responsive theme and thought I’d take a shortcut.
    The good: easy to install, easy to change colors and you can upload a custom header photo. I looked at on my iphone and it translated very nicely in safari.

    the bad: I spent an hour and finally gave up on trying to resolve Google Structured Data Testing Tool Error: Missing required field “updated”. (The issue appears in twenty eleven, twenty twelve and thirteen, though this review is on twelve.) The latest versions of the plugin have incorporated the fix often cited (example- My function.php file already looks the fix, but I still can’t get the problem to go away.

    Additionally, running a w3c check there are over 30 errors per page.

    Some of them are likely related to other plugin, set up, or old manual html conflicts, so I can’t give the theme less than 4 stars. Here are some of the issues:
    Line 68, Column 10: Element hgroup not allowed as child of element header in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)
    Content model for element header:
    Flow content, but with no header, footer, or main element descendants.

    Error Line 68, Column 10: The hgroup element is obsolete. To mark up subheadings, consider either just putting the subheading into a p element …

    conclusion: starting from scratch? great choice
    upgrading? might want to hire someone to upgrade from any older design

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