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Bravio - Ultimate WordPress Theme

Home WebDesign, SEO & Marketing
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Design Quality By UraCoins, 2017-05-29 via Excelente diseño
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Core Features List

  • Drag & Drop Bravio Builder
  • Clean, Flexible & Powerful Layout Options
  • Fully Responsive
  • Intuitive & Powerful Admin Panel with 1500+ Options
  • Page / Post Custom Options
  • Every Page Fully Customizable
  • Powerful Shortcode Generator
  • Demo Content Importer
  • Menu Skins Importer / Exporter
  • Flexible Header Layouts
  • Custom templates i.e. sidebar, fullwidth, portfolio, blog etc
  • Full Header Skins Import / Export
  • Top Header Skin Import / Export
  • Side Navigation Skin Import / Export
  • Clixint Core Plugin
  • One Page Templates (Sidebar & Fullwidth) with BG Images (Parallax) & Videos
  • Custom Background with Image & Videos with Overlays, Patters and Shines
  • Portfolio Layouts (Grid, Masonry, Fullwidth, No Space etc)
    • Layout: Fullwidth, 100% Width, Sidebars, Masonry, 1 .. 5 Columns Grid, Spacing, No Spacing
    • Individual Project: Separate Page (Image Slideshows), Ajax Based Popup, Ajax Inline Project Details
  • Blog Page Styles
  • CSS Animations
  • 9 Custom Places for Injecting Content Dynamically into pages
  • Full Skin Import / Export
  • Side Panel with Widgets / Shortcode
  • Sidebar Widget Customization
  • Works Perfectly with Revolution Slider
  • Google Fonts within Page Options & Shortcodes
  • Unique Boxed Layout (Overlapping Footer)
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Change logos from each page (main & sticky header)
  • RTL Support with Custom Logos
  • Advance Typography Options
  • Google Maps with cool integration of third party skins
  • Sticky Header & Sidebar
  • Add Custom CSS on the Fly
  • Set any menu as Main Navigation or Side Navigation from the page itself
  • Cross Browser Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE9, IE10, IE11+
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Custom Widgets (Recent Posts, Instagram etc)
  • Contact Form 7 Design Skinning with Shortcode
  • Works with WPML
  • Layout Support 1-6 Columns
  • Flexible Sidewidth Control from each page
  • Custom logos controlled through page
  • Excellent Customer Support

Page / Post Options & Settings

Page Templates

  • Fullwidth
  • 100% Width
  • Blank Page
  • Portfolio Template
  • Blog Template
  • Sidebar Template

Page Layout

  • Enable / Disable Boxed Overlapping
  • Enable / Disable One Page Template
  • Page Width
  • Body Font Family, Size, Color
  • Top / Bottom Padding
  • Background Color, Transparency, Patterns, Shines, Image, Slider, Video
  • Custom CSS
  • Blog Post Meta and Prev/Next button Settings

Featured Image / Revolution Slider

  • Content Type (Featured Images / Revolution Slider)
  • Content Position (Above main header, Behind sub-header, Above Sidebar & Post, Within Post, Above Sidenav, Below Sidenav, Over Main Navigation, Below Main Navigation
  • List of Revolution Sliders
  • Video Url (Youtube Vimeo etc)
  • Featured Image Patterns (33), Shines (23), Overlays (16) Combine All
  • Image Height (Original, Custom), Top / Bottom Margin
  • Slideshow Animation (Animate.css), Visible Slides, Slides Margin, Auto Play (Enable / Disable)

Logo Container Area

  • Hide/Show Main Logo
  • New Custom Logo
  • Logo Animations on Load (Animate.css)
  • Logo Top / Bottom Margin
  • Logo Area Container Settings
  • Container Type (Fullwidth / Boxed)
  • Background Color / Transparency/ Patterns
  • Container Top/Bottom Margin
  • Container Top / Bottom Radius
  • Container Shadows (6)
  • Logo Right Area Top/Bottom Choose (Top Nav, Social Icons, Search, Language Flags, None)
  • Logo Right Area Top Margin

Header Settings

  • Header Layouts (Logo Left Nav Right, Logo Left Nav on Bottom, Logo Top Center Nav Bottom, Logo Center Bottom Nav Top)
  • Place Extra Content (HTML / Shortcodes)
  • Extra Content Positions (Disable, Over / Under Main Nav, Above Main Header, Over / Under Side Nav, Below Sub Header, Over / Under Footer, Between Mini & Mega Footer)
  • Enable Full Height (Screen Size)
  • Full Height with Extra Content Position (Normal, Vertically Middle, Bottom)
  • Background Color, Transparency, Patterns, Shines, Overlays
  • Background Image (Enable Parallax), Video, Video Poster

Sticky Header

  • Custom Sticky Logo
  • Background Color & Transparency
  • Logo Top / Bottom Padding
  • Stikcy Header Nav Top Margin
  • Sticky Header Shadow Color

Top Header

  • Default / Show / Hide
  • Pre-designed Skins
  • Top Left/Right Area (Social Icons, Top Nav, Language Flags, Bread Crumbs, Page Title, Search Box)
  • Top Line, Height, Color
  • Top Margin
  • Background Color, Transparency, Patterns
  • Top / Bottom Color & Size
  • Left / Right Area Font Size, Color
  • Choose Which Area Visible on Mobiles

Sub Header

  • Show/Hide Sub Header
  • Sub Header Fixed Height
  • Inner Shadows
  • Sub Header Left/Right Area Content (Social Icons, Top Nav, Language Flags, Bread Crumbs, Page Title & Sub Title, Search Box)
  • Background Image, Color. Transparency, Patterns
  • Page Custom Title (Top/Bottom/Left/Right Padding)
  • Page Title Background Color, Transparency, Text Size, Color
  • Page Custom Sub Title
  • Page Sub Title Background Color, Transparency, Text Size, Color

Main Navigation

  • Show / Hide Main Navigation in main Header
  • Select Main Navigation (List all available Navigations)
  • Main Nav Pre-designed Skins (20+)
  • Sub Menu Margins
  • Menu Description (Enable / Disable)
  • Menu Icons (Enable / Disable)
  • Menu Icons Position (Top / Left)
  • Show / Hide Search Icon
  • Nav Container Settings
  • Nav Container Height
  • Nav Container Top & Bottom Margins

Page Elements

  • Bread Crumbs (Top/Bottom & Left/Right. Padding, Font Size, Text Color, Link Color, BG Color, Transparency & Radius
  • Header Search Box Settings (BG Color, Width, Radius, Text Color, Transparency, Border, Patterns)
  • Social Icons (Skins, Margins, BG Transparency, Radius, BG Over Color)


  • Position (Default, Left / Right)
  • Show Side Navigation
  • Select Navigation (Original & Lists all available menus)
  • Side Navigation Skins (8+)
  • Select Sidebar (All available Sidebars)

Side Panel

  • Control from Theme / Page Options
  • Add custom sidebar, widgets / Shortcode
  • Positions (Left / Right)
  • Full customization of Look & Feel
  • Activate / Deactivate from any page
  • Adjust Custom Width
  • Background Color, Hover Color, Transparency, Image & Patterns


  • Footer Style (Reveal Hidden, Scroll with content, Sticky)
  • Enable / Disable Mega Footer

Blog Settings

  • Page Style (Fullwidth, 100% Width, Sidebar)
  • Featured Images & Slideshows


  • Page Style (Fullwidth, 100% Width, Sidebar)
  • Portfolio Style (Grid, Masonry, Grid No Space, Masonry No Space)
  • Items per page
  • Columns (2. 3. 4 & 5)
  • Filter Button Alignment (Left, Right, Center)
  • Project Open in (Separate Page, Lightbox Ajax, Inline Ajax)
  • Fully customize look & feel of Inline Projects
  • Fully customize look & feel of Ajax Popup Projects
  • Customize Category & Filters


Feb 25, 2017 – Version 2.0.3

 * New Feature: Modern Sub Header / Page Title (Center Aligned) customizable for Theme and Page Options  * Fixes: Sub Header Image size from Page Options getting stretched, Sub Header BG Pattern from Page Options 

Feb 15, 2017 – Version 2.0.2

  * New Feature: Letter spacing for Text Block * New Feature: Revolution Slider as Header Background (Page Options Panel) * Fixes: Responsive Menu Issue, RTL Search Box & other minor CSS fixes 

Feb 9, 2017 – Version 2.0.1

 New Features ------------------------------ - Line height added for content boxes - Font weight default set as body font weight for content boxes - Letter spacing added for content boxes title - Portfolio shortcode now has Greyscale images (turn images black & white)  Updates & Fixes ---------------------------- - Adjusted Content Boxes element attribues (title & description) - Text Block adding a closing DIV in Page Builder 

Feb 5, 2017 – Version 2.0

 NEW FEATURES: -------------------------- * Bravio Drag & Drop Visual Page Builder  * 5600+ New Icons  (BigMug, Font Awesome, Entypo, Elegant Icons, Google Material, Icoomoon, Ionicon, * Material Icons, Themify, Typicons, WebhostingHubGlyphs * Elements, Rows. Containers Library (Load / Save) * Elements Spacing (Top & Bottom) - Adds top and bottom space * Element Alignment - Align each element in left, right or center * Builder & Classic Mode Support Structural Elements * Redesigned all elements and integrated with Bravio Page Builder * Contact Form 7 skinning  shortcode - Visual Mode * Contact Form 7 - Added Button Hover Text Color option * Slider visual shortcode generator with Builder * Slider visual added Text Color, Element Spacing and Alignment, Individual Slides (text align, text color, font styles etc) * Page Options now has Element selector in WP Editor * Content Boxes Vertical styles * All Elements have individual Animation Tab to set (CSS Animation Style, Delay, Duration and Repeat x times * Icon Buttons - Separate Background Transparency Level * Content Boxes - Show/Hide Icon * Column Background Image Type - Fixed, Scroll & Parallax * Column BG Video (combine with BG Color, BG Pattern and BG Transparency) * Column Hover Background Color * Column are now clickable, give a url and make it a button * Google Analytics code setting in Theme Options  UPDATES: -------------------------- *  Font Awesome upgraded to 4.7.0 *  Extra HTML Code renamed to Code Injector and moved outside of Header *  Improvements & a few fixes to existing shortcodes *  Pie Chart plugin updated  FIXES: -------------------------- * Checklist icon not aligned when aligned center or right * Multiple instances of Tabs adding extra tabs * Fixed Tabs Flickering while first time loading * Fixed testimonial modern image error (if not selected) * Fixed Fancy Callout Button text color CSS Issues * Side Panel Widget not  showing new sidebars * Menu Icons field missing in latest WP Update * Sticky logo not being updated from Theme Options * Percentage Circles scale lines color issue fixed * Icon Button BG Transparency issue 

December 16, 2016 – Version 1.0.5

 * Updated - Revolution Slider updated to * Fixed - Featured Image Responsiveness on small screens * Fixed - Minor CSS Issues * Fixed - Sidebar Generator Plugin Security Issue (user roles) * Fixed - Menu Z-Index Issue with Featured Images 

June 20, 2016 – Version 1.0.4

 * Improvement: Clixint Core plugin has been updated with new features and fixes, introducing Ready Sites with One Click Demo Import Sites * Online Knowledgebase, Forums and Support on * Feature - Widgets Customization from Theme Options (title, text, link color) * Feature - Portfolio Filter buttons - border, active, hover, BG transparency & Radius * Feature - Portfolio colors options for Browse page of Skills & Categories  * Feature - Advance Importer - Import Ready Site individually through Bravio Importer * Feature - BG transparency for Raindrops Shortcode to be transparent * Feature - New options for Top & Bottom margin for Logo Area Container * Addon - 1 New Ready Site added: * Fixed - Google Maps Zoom Control Button position * Fixed - Sidebar issues on portfolio items page * Fixed - Portfolio Sidebar Title, text and links colors customizer 

June 6, 2016 – Version 1.0.3

 * Feature - Side Panel  ---- Control from Theme Options ---- Control from Page Options ---- Settings Include: -------- Enable / Disable -------- Position (Left / Right) -------- Panel Width -------- Content as Sidebar (Widgets) or HTML / Shortcodes -------- Background (Color, Hover Color, Transparency, Image and Pattern) * Feature - Portfolio Lightbox customization options in Theme Options (BG color, transparency, text color, buttons etc) * Feature - Inline Portfolio Customization options in Theme Options (Background color, BG transparency, buttons & text colors) * Feature - Change portfolio filter button "All" text * Feature - Disable / Enable portfolio "All" button * Feature - Custom CSS in Theme Options * Feature - Disable Highlighting of First Menu in One Page Templates * Updated - Animated words set to Block on small screens * Updated - Revolution Slider to V5.2 * Improved - Dynamic Sidebars * Improved - One Page Template structure * Added - Demo for Revolution slide with different layout positions * Fixed - Blog date locale for foreign languages * Fixed - Featured Image Issue with Fullwidth within post/page * Fixed - Content Boxes Shortcode Shadow number from Shortcode Generator * Fixed - Blog image thumb (not found) if image doesn't exist in Recent Widgtes 

May 19, 2016 – Version 1.0.2

 * Fixed - Parallax effect on Safari & Chrome * Fixed - Blog Responsiveness on Mobiles * Added - Demo Pages Source Files as Text Files * Included - Individual Content XML and Widgets JSON files 

May 14, 2016 – Version 1.0.1

 * Feature - Revolution Slider Included * Feature - Importer Moved to Clixint Core * Feature - Added all pages source code as text files * Feature - Recent Work & Team in Shortcode Designer * Feature - Fullwidth background Particles * Fixed - Tab click Event for Chrome * Fixed - Team Shortcode Social links url 

May 10, 2016 – Version 1.0.0

 Initial Release 

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based on 15 ratings

Rating snapshot

  • Design Quality By UraCoins, 2017-05-29 via Excelente diseño
  • Customizability By chuchesonline, 2016-12-16 via I'm very happpy, I have so may options with this theme... I can have almost everything I need.
    Author response
    Thanks for your feedback.
  • Flexibility By fabmediasa, 2016-08-16 via
  • Customizability By BuildingOnline, 2016-07-21 via Very robust theme with lots of options.
  • Customer Support By musecreativedesigns, 2016-07-17 via Excellent support team. The quality of the theme as such is brilliant. To top that, the support team ensures that all your doubts and queries are cleared in the shortest time possible. Kudos to the developers and others in the team.
  • Flexibility By pnord, 2016-07-11 via
  • Design Quality By triboo, 2016-06-11 via Really great theme! We have used many themes in the past and this one is in our top 3. Feedback and willingness to help with any issues is also greatly appreciated.
  • Customizability By Emperial, 2016-06-11 via A very well made theme with a lot of short codes and customization. Great customer support and lots of options to Make a truly unique website.
  • Code Quality By gclark72, 2016-06-11 via This theme is top notch!! This is one of the best themes I've used thus far. They have terrific support and amazing code quality. I've emailed a few questions and received a response within minutes. Normally you have to wait several days for a response from some of these other developers and typically they don't even answer your original question. I definitely recommend this theme and can't wait to see what's next from these guys. Outstanding work!
  • Customizability By globexcs, 2016-06-11 via One of the best themes I have used till date, highly customizable and robust. The flexibility this theme gives is unmatched. I was very happy with the way the results are coming out. I wish the team all the best for the future and looking forward to all the updates coming up.
  • Customizability By LINZZ, 2016-06-11 via Aunque los diseños son llamativos, le falta. Aun tiene errores en la importación del demo. La usabilidad de la configuración tiene problemas. No tiene ningún visual composer y eso hace que la personalización tome mas tiempo. Los manuales están desactualizados.
  • Customer Support By gabys86, 2016-05-12 via Best Customer Support Ever, and best design ever. Thanks!

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