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FullHouse - Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

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Customer Support By RHONDABROOKS1, 2017-07-09 via Very goog
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Description by Author

Discount christmas

FullHouse WordPress theme is a real solution for Real Estate website with dedicated real estate pages: Property, Agents, etc and dedicated systems to manage property – Opal Property, manage Agents – Opal Agents. The theme comes with flexible layout system with 11+ unique demos, creative design and ultimate core features to build outstanding Real Estate website. The powerful search & filter system allows user find their best fit property with ease.

The 1-click installation will help replicate great demos in no time. FullHouse has it own intuitive theme control panel that includes lots of useful options to manage your site. The theme is SEO friendly and optimized codebase to maximize your site’s performance.

The Real Estate WordPress theme includes 2 best selling wordpress plugins: Slider Revolution (save you $18) and Visual Composer (save you $33). And 2 featured plugins from Opal Team: Opal Estate and Free addons , Opal Membership which make full functions of property sites

Thanks you so much for loving this. We hope you getting happy with our services.


1. Agent Submit A Property, click to Submission page
Please signin with user: opalestate and password: opalestate

2. Explore features via video



Opal Estate is total free to download, you get it in WordPress Plugins. Please click bellow image to get it now.


estate wordpress theme for real estate


Fullhouse mobile application is released for free . Check more information


Powerful Wordpress theme

  • 1-click installation to replicate our demo site in your server.
  • Dedicated pages for Real Estate website: Property, Agents, etc
  • Membership: Packages Management, Multiple currencies, Coupon and Multiple Payment gates included
  • Easy to customize and extended features with using own hooks and template override
  • Powerful property search and filter system
  • Dedicated Property management system – Opal Property
  • Dedicated Agents management system – Opal Agents
  • Built on Visual Composer most awesome visual page builder for WordPress
  • Integrated Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • WordPress 4.5 tested and approved
  • 3 Home page layouts
  • 8 layouts for Propery listing page
  • Boxed and Full-width style
  • Integrates Bootstrap 3, supports HTML5 and CSS3
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
  • Elaborated clean code for your convenience
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, IE10
  • Fully responsive design
  • Visual Page Builder
  • Different sidebars variations
  • Amazing parallax effects both on rows and content
  • Fast and perfect performance while viewing
  • Compatible with many popular plugins
  • Built-in plugins: Opal Membership, Opal Estate
  • Easy to customize theme color via Wordpress Customizer

Ease of customization

  • Wordpress Customizer Supported: allow you configuring theme?s functions via Wordpress options.
  • Customizer allow to customize your site: Main options, Side area options, Social Link, Post list options, WooCommerce options, Portfolio options, Styling options, Layout settings, Footer section options, Header section options
  • Advanced options to enable/disable individual features
  • Full control over site width (full-width or boxed), content area and sidebars
  • Revolution slider included with updates provided
  • Fast and convenient Visual Builder
  • Vector icons for perfect retina design
  • Numerous background options: add parallax background images to Rows, style Menus, add as Header background, boxed content background or Client logos
  • Top page additional styling possibilities
  • Stunning Header styling variations
  • Footer builder function
  • Unlimited button styles: you set the height and the shape of the button manually, also additional CSS rules allow even more options
  • Touch friendly interface for your convenient usage on smartphones and tablets
  • Fully responsive design
  • Sidebar generator allows you to create the unlimited number of sidebars to your taste
  • Select Main/Second site color for easy customize tools
  • Support WPML
  • Support IDX plugin


best support

The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. Drop us a notice at: Submit A Ticket Now if you encounter any problem or have questions, you will be supported by our best Wordpress developers who will help you solve any problem within 24 hours.



  • #1 Office Agency and allow edit profile with user having Opal Estate Office Role. Display Properties and members of office
  • #2. Implement Google Capcha for all Email Form
  • #3. Implement Saved Search Form allowing user save theirs result as loved collection. They are managed with Saved Search Menu of user dashboard
  • #4. Supported Shortcodes working with visual composer
  • #5. Implement Share Search Link for friend
  • #6. Implement property labels and allow customize color, background of label
  • #7. Improve Custom upload Marker icon for property types
  • #8. Improve free package for new registered user
  • #9. Develop API plugin and new mobile for free
  • #10. Create Shortcode ajax search

Updates History:

We update new Version: 1.8 for this theme,
- Add new element: Property Full Slider with two style
- New demo: Home Video, Home Property Slider style 1, Home Property Slider style 2
- Add feature: 360 Virtual Tour in Single Property
- On/Off Sticky Sidebar in Customizer
- Fix bug Main content below Sidebar when mobile screen.
  (+) /themes/fullhouse/gulpfile.js (+) /themes/fullhouse/js/sticky-kit.js (+) /themes/fullhouse/js/sticky-kit.min.js  (+) /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_estate_slider_property.php (+) /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_estate_table_property.php /themes/fullhouse/css/style.css /themes/fullhouse/header-absolute.php /themes/fullhouse/header-transparent.php /themes/fullhouse/inc/functions-import.php /themes/fullhouse/inc/vendors/dsidxpress/function-idx.php /themes/fullhouse/js/countdown.js /themes/fullhouse/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js /themes/fullhouse/languages/fullhouse.pot /themes/fullhouse/page-templates/parts/author-bio.php /themes/fullhouse/page-templates/parts/user-login.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/fullhouse_dsidxpress_listing.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/fullhouse_dsidxpress_listings.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/fullhouse_dsidxpress_search_form.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_brands.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_gridposts.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_portfolio.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_testimonials.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_title_heading.php /themes/fullhouse/functions.php /themes/fullhouse/inc/vendors/opalestate/customizer.php /themes/fullhouse/inc/vendors/opalestate/functions.php /themes/fullhouse/opalestate/archive-opalestate_office.php /themes/fullhouse/vc_templates/pbr_gallery.php /themes/fullhouse/opalestate/single-opalestate_office.php /themes/fullhouse/page-templates/parts/sharebox.php /themes/fullhouse/css/idx.css /themes/fullhouse/css/ie.css /themes/fullhouse/css/opalestate.css /themes/fullhouse/css/prettyPhoto.css /themes/fullhouse/css/rtl-style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home10/opalestate.css /themes/fullhouse/opalestate/content-property-fullslider.php /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home10/rtl-style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home10/style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home8/opalestate.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home8/rtl-style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home8/style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home9/opalestate.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home9/rtl-style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home9/style.css /themes/fullhouse/style.css /themes/fullhouse/css/ /themes/fullhouse/css/skins/home8/ /themes/fullhouse/css/ /themes/fullhouse/opalestate/single-opalestate_property.php /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_elements.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_nav.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_responsive.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_template-layout.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_vc.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/components/_widgets.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/opalestate/_styles.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/opalestate/_widgets.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/opalestate.scss /themes/fullhouse/sass/skins/home8/style.scss /themes/fullhouse/css/ /themes/fullhouse/header.php /themes/fullhouse/inc/customizer.php /themes/fullhouse/js/functions.js /themes/fullhouse/sidebar.php 
Version: 1.6.3 Updated 28-2-2017
 We have just integrate dsIDXpress plugin to this theme, 
22-Feb,2017 – Version 1.6.2
         Fixbug not show login and register on header     change file:     /themes/fullhouse/inc/vendors/opalestate/functions.php     /themes/fullhouse/functions.php 
Version: 1.6 Updaed 20th Jan 2017
- Add new 3 layout, and fix some bug css style
Version: 1.5.3 Updaed 1th Dec 2016
- Update WordPress 4.7
Version: 1.5.2 Updaed 1th Dec 2016
- Updated customize for theme
Version 1.0.0 – Created 7th May 2016

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based on 38 ratings

Rating snapshot

  • Customer Support By RHONDABROOKS1, 2017-07-09 via Very goog
  • Design Quality By elgabico, 2017-05-31 via Excellent quality!
  • Design Quality By ruralnuevo2017, 2017-05-23 via
  • Design Quality By Prashanthdj, 2017-05-05 via
  • Customizability By anuragneo420, 2017-04-28 via Super customizable theme.
    Author response
    Thanks a lot for your good review!
  • Customer Support By Cristina_f, 2017-04-28 via Customer support is the best, they are very quick and they help customer to fix errors or to find what he needs.
    I like very much the design and the theme has all you really need for a real estate agency. TOP!
    Author response
    Thanks so much for your review!
  • Customer Support By sangyeolshin, 2017-04-19 via I am a Korean user. Thank you for the very kind and lasting AS of the Full House theme production team. I hope to make a lot of good themes in the future. I will introduce a lot around. I really recommend it. Trust the theme production team. You will get the homepage you want.
    Author response
    Thanks a lot for your good review! Hoping you and your friends will use more our themes in the future.
  • Customer Support By sergio23, 2017-04-18 via The customer support is excellent, and the theme is just amazing.
    Author response
    Thanks a lot for your good review!
  • Design Quality By Anthony1811, 2017-03-28 via Beautiful design
    Author response
    Thanks a lot!
  • Customer Support By marcocrivellari, 2017-03-23 via The theme and its support are very good.
    I modified that theme for a customer and the help received from the guys was fast and precise.
    Satisfied about my purchase.
  • Customer Support By DobreiZs, 2017-03-14 via The Best
  • Customer Support By IdentidadVisual, 2017-03-07 via Great customer support, great design and easy to use!
    Author response
    Thanks a lot!

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