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We are ThemeHunters!

HomeWe are ThemeHunters!

Over the last decade we have been hunting for the best themes across the entire World Wide Web wishing to design and develop impressive WordPress websites.  


A process of search and selection of the best theme was always a challenging task when it came to choosing the proper templates for our customers.


Nowadays the hugely popular WordPress platform has more than 4000 different themes available along with tons of other commercial websites where designers and developers showcase their premium themes. All in all there are over 100 000 wordpress themes in the Internet.

Hence we decided to leverage our experience and knowledge to make the overwhelming selection process of the best theme much easier and pleasurable for everyone!


To that end we created tools enabling you to find and filter all the cool wordpress themes over the Internet in no time! Our system daily compiles and analyzes data on more than 5000 wordpress themes from over 10 different sources.


For the sake of your convenience we developed a special SCORE which is intended to help you evaluate the themes more effectively.


DESIGN - Our experts will carefully analyze the interface and the design quality of every theme.


USABILITY - In this case we will focus on such factors as ease of installation and adjustment along with the quality of demo content if available.


SUPPORT - Every decent theme should have a well-organized support team. We pay attention to such indicators as the usability, number of inquiries, response rate and response time.


SECURITY - It is one of the key problems which requires a professional approach. The reason of theme's vulnerability can be a number of special factors and the level of their reliability.  This information will be covered in this section.


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Our coming updates scheduled for this year will bring the following exciting features:

- Detailed search of the free wordpress themes listed on

- Comparison tool enabling you to compare theme's price, style and features

- Advanced search and subscription to the new themes list which is relevant to your initial search query

- Search of the themes on websites like, and others

- Engagement in the community of WordPress Development involving our experts in this field as well

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