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Found 14 free and 498 commercial themes

Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

The list includes over 300 free and premium multipurpose WordPress themes of recognized brands such as Avada, X Theme, BeTheme, KLEO and trending WordPress templates such as Ronneby, Brooklyn, Angle, BeTheme, Salient, Avada, X, KLEO, Omega, etc.

As a rule, each multipurpose WordPress theme comes with basic features such a gallery of products and services, blogging functionality, social media integration, eCommerce support, etc. enough to create versatile websites, e.g. personal blog, corporate website, eCommerce, portfolio or portal.

At the same time, multipurpose WordPress themes are more than just a single website template that may fit any type of company, brand or causes. While they were specifically designed to let the webmasters build a website of any topic, there is something more powerful you won’t regret when you start utilising their functionality.

Multi purpose WordPress themes are built around a framework in most cases which gives more advantage for website owners in comparison to templates built just for one niche. Firstly, it is easier for template vendors to support just one framework with numerous child themes than multiple standalone themes. This means more flexibility to regular updates of WordPress content management system and security for your website. Secondly, a multipurpose WordPress theme earns times more profit for their designers, so this leaves more money for them to enhance WordPress themes functionality, which in its turn will mean better user-friendly backend experience and more options to edit content and build new types of website modules for you as a customer. Thirdly, each template provider has their own habits of coding and view as a designer on how to organize the menus and options in the backend. It always takes some time to get used to a new system, read the documentation, etc. on how to do simple tasks (such as add menu, make a gallery), not to mention complex procedures on creating new page types from scratch. But when you get to know to the framework functionality it will take much less efforts to add new content or do whatever customization you ought to. Switching to a new standalone WordPress theme will mean that you will have to start over your educational step again.

So if you tend to build several websites a year for yourself or for your customers, choosing a multipurpose WordPress theme is the best solution to save you time and headache, and save you from reading tons of documentation text or hanging over the phone or chat to get support from the template provider each time you create a new unique site.

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