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Ad-Sense - WordPress Blog Theme

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If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get. It is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users. Simply put, this theme helps show ads to users who don't want to see the ads.

WordPress theme which detects AdblockersShow Popup if Adblocker is DetectedHide Single Post Content if Adblocker is DetectedShow Floating Box Notice if Adblocker is DetectedHide Content Using Shortcodes if Adblocker is detected

Different Ad Placement Areas

Different Ad Locations in Ad-Sense Theme

Ad-Sense is a fully responsive theme that will adept to any type of display. Make sure that every user sees your website at its very best!Ad-Sense has been designed from the ground up to be ad friendly. Maximize ad clicks without inundating and frustrating your visitors! This theme is designed to maximize your earnings from ads and comes with unique features that other themes do not. With the ad blocker detector, you can ask your visitors to turn off their blocker or even restrict access!Responsive ads improve the experience for your visitors and increase clicks and earnings. For today’s dynamic web, this is an absolute must!Make sure that your visitors are enjoying all your content for free by restricting access to those who use ad blockers. It’s only fair!Most users don’t realise that they’re hurting creators by using ad blockers. Politely request that they turn of their blockers and they often will!With lots of ways to alert your visitors, you can choose the most subtle method that is right for your business and for your visitors.Another option is to use a simple shortcode to hide specific sections of content when ad blockers are detected.There are plenty of potential uses for making the background of your site clickable – and Ad-Sense makes that possible!Ad-Sense gives you maximum flexibility in terms of where you want to place your ads. For example, why not place them right in your header where they’ll be highly visible but won’t get in the way?Another spot that’s ripe for ads is just below your navigation menu. Take full advantage of that with Ad-Sense!Place your ads right at the top of your content with Ad-Sense and make sure they get top billing!Or why not place your ads at the end of your content? This way, your visitors will only see the ads when they’ve finished enjoying your post.This advanced and rare feature allows you to show ads on a post only after a set number of days. This way, your evergreen content will make money for you, while your regular readers won’t have to deal with ads!Ad-Sense comes with numerous beautifully design layouts that are ready-made and ready to go. Just click to install and give your visitors a professional and fully optimized experience.Customization is made easy, with five different homepage layouts ready to go. Decide whether you want your posts front and center, or you’d prefer a more image-centric layout.Ad-Sense makes everything as easy as possible. One click layout import lets you bring your layout from a previous theme.Ad-Sense is fully SEO optimized to help your site rank quickly. Bring more visitors for your ads!Ad-Sense loads in the blink of an eye. This is important for ensuring the best user experience but will also help you to improve your SEO. Google loves fast sites!Show professional reviews with star ratings in your rich snippets. Ad-Sense makes it easy!Don’t leave your international visitors guessing! Use Ad-Sense’s translation-ready features to ensure that you can cater to fans all around the world.Enjoy endless customization with unlimited color options for nearly every facet of your theme’s design.Font icons are fantastic for making navigation simple and pleasant, especially on touch screens. With Ad-Sense, you’ll get 630 icons ready to go, all in fantastic high definition!Lots of options for typography let you choose different styles for headings, posts and more.There’s no shortage of eye-catching and readable fonts available, as Ad-Sense comes with every single Google Font, ready to go!Ad-Sense supports Google’s rich snippets. This means that you can show more information to users right on the search pages, increasing engagement and clicks.WooCommerce is the number ecommerce solution for WordPress. Ad-Sense is fully compatible and makes it easy for you to run a store that’s optimized for ads thereby doubling down on your profits!Plenty of performance options allow you to tweak and hone Ad-Sense to get even more blistering speed and 100% reliable uptime.Choose from multiple pagination types for further customization and to help encourage your visitors to keep on reading!Ajax search is a modern and fast way to let your visitors find the content they’re looking for!Bring your images into focus by letting users open them in large lightboxes. This looks great and enhances your service!Don’t like any of the layouts we’ve provided? Simply move things around yourself by adding your own CSS!The customization options just keep coming! Choose whether you want your sidebar to go on the left or right hand side of your pages.With Ad-Sense, you get full control over every last element – including header elements.You can pack your footer with more information and interactivity by selecting up to four widget columns. Wow your PC users with beautiful hover effects for your thumbnails. This ultimately leads to even more clicks!Let your visitors follow their favorite authors and keep track of your contributors with built in author boxes.Related posts are just another way that Ad-Sense helps to keep your visitors more engaged with your content for longer. They’ll never want to leave!Make it easy for your fans to share content with their friends. This way, you can let your visitors take care of your marketing for you!Ad-Sense comes with powerful and premium ad management options to let you control specific placements and settings for ads around your site.Setting up and moving theme is super easy with our advanced import and export options.When you download Ad-Sense, you’ll also get access to 10 highly powerful widgets that will bring new functionality to your site!Lost and confused? Our high production value HD video tutorials will talk you through anything that you may be struggling with!Let Google see more of what’s going on on your site. Schema integration will further enhance rich snippets and get you more hits from the SERPs.Ad-Sense is the number one theme for AdSense integration and optimization. Increase your CTR and gain access to advanced management options.Ultimately, the many different features of Ad-Sense will help to keep your visitors on your page longer. This means more clicks and better ranking!We’ve worked hard to make sure that Ad-Sense’s code is simple and easy to read. This makes it easy for you to edit if you want to make any changes.Just wait until you see the incredible options panel and the huge number of settings and controls you’ll get access to!Easily carry over any of your changes and customizations with child theme support.We’ve included extensive documentation to help you find your way around and learn the ropes. Our touch-friendly mobile menu stays out of your way when you don’t need it and then sweeps into view when you do!WP Mega Menu is one of the best themes for helping users to navigate content-heavy websites. Ad-Sense comes with full support.Ad-Sense utilizes a beautiful parallax scrolling effect that will really wow your visitors!
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